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Handwriting Challenges

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I would think that most children transition into using a writing implement seamlessly. But what about those who don’t? What’s going on? I know a large percentage of those on the autism spectrum will struggle with handwriting. Boys and handwriting … Continue reading


Why is My Child a Resistant Learner?

“I have a resistant learner.”  I hear this type of description often from new members regarding their children on my Homeschooling Creatively group, a yahoo list created in 2006 to support homeschooling parents of right-brained, creative learners.  (I now have a … Continue reading


Early Math Activities

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This is the second of a three-part series about the natural early math learning process for my builder son. Part One shares his Early Math Play and Part Three shares his formal learning called Is Formal Math Necessary? Math and … Continue reading


How to Shift From School Think to Engaged Learning

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In a TEDx talk by Will Richardson entitled, The Surprising Truth About Learning in School, he posed the question, What do you believe about how children learn best? The list below on the left are answers various teachers, parents, and … Continue reading


Naturally Learning with Books

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One of my hopeful goals I had for my children’s learning lives is that they would all learn to love reading. Of myself and my three siblings, I was the only one that appeared to love books. My mother’s love … Continue reading