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An Introduction to the Creative Right-Brained Learner

“She’s smart, but lazy.” “He’s living below his potential.” These are some of the comments a parent of a right-brained learner may hear about their child in regard to their learning process. This creative learner is often later in developing … Continue reading


Why is My Child a Resistant Learner?

“I have a resistant learner.”¬† I hear this type of description¬†often from new members regarding their children on my Homeschooling Creatively group, a yahoo list created in 2006 to support homeschooling parents of right-brained, creative learners. ¬†(I now have a … Continue reading


Your Child Might Be Right-Brained If …

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I thought it might be useful to list some common traits brought up by parents wondering if their child is a right-brained dominant learner. The most important reason that I share the right-brained information is to help adults shift perspective … Continue reading