The two most common subjects and/or skills that a parent worries about when it comes to education is reading and math. This tab gathers together my posts about reading.

Reading Posts: These are posts about the different ways right-brained children learn to read versus left-brained children. Right-brained children typically learn to read between the ages of 8 to 10 years old. This is normal. Left-brained children typically learn to read between 5 and 7 years old. This is normal. The various posts are opportunities to learn about these differences and what works best for each and when.

Dyslexia Posts: These are posts that provide a variety of views and perspectives regarding those who are diagnosed with dyslexia. Behind every dyslexic label is a right-brained learner. I feel it’s important to know why this is and to understand ways this information helps to provide an even more accurate way to help support children diagnosed with dyslexia on their path to learning to read.

Late Reader Stories: These are stories I’ve collected from on-line or from those friends and acquaintances who have allowed me to or submitted their stories to share with others. There are all sorts of reasons for later reading, and I wanted to supply some perspective by sharing a variety of stories.

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