Reading Posts

There is a lot of controversy about what and when is the best way to teach reading. Reading is something that was very important to me personally and I hoped to share that with my seven children as I raised and homeschooled them. I try to share in each of these posts the things I have learned in the process of doing this:

An Introduction to the Creative Right-Brained Learner (with a section on how a right-brained child learns to read)

Learning to Read – Typical Right-Brained Traits

Learning to Read – Parental Role Ideas


Naturally Learning with Books

Sight Word or Phonics?

Learning to Read with Sight Words

Phonics Programs “Behind” Sight Word Programs

Silent Reading versus Reading Aloud

Promoting a Positive Relationship with Print

The Value of Reading Aloud to Right-Brained Children

Comic Books

Right-Brained Reading Preferences