This page offers out-of-the-box, creative options for inspiring right-brained children to develop their creative outlet of art or photography. Click on the image for a link to the product. Longer reviews will have its own tab. I would love to hear your recommendations by using the comments section at the bottom of the page!



Complete-A-Sketch 123
Insight Technical Education
By Melvin G. Peterman

Complete-A-Sketch 123 was a good fit for my builder/art son. It’s hands on, they replicate an image using guide marks, then for more of a challenge can try it free hand. ~Michele


Mark Kistler’s Draw Squad
by Mark Kistler

No one really used this resource as a how-to draw book, but my artist son certainly took inspiration from it and picked up some techniques from it when he was in the 8-10 year range. ~Cindy


Draw 50 series
by Lee J. Ames

My artist son would dabble in these books for inspiration and technique from time to time in the 8-10 year range. ~Cindy


Watch Me Draw series
by Jenna Winterberg and Diana Fisher

I got some of the books in this series for my theater son with delays who had a strong interest in drawing, but it didn’t come naturally because of pencil grip issues and developmental delays. This series has a more simple series of how-to draw steps, a tracing feature, and common boy (and girl) themes. ~Cindy


Draw Write Now series
by Marie Hablitzel and Kim Stitzer

I got some of the books in this series because it had more realistic pictures to learn to draw linked with short, but meaningful passages of information regarding the theme. This was again for my theater son  who had a strong interest in drawing but needed more supports, and the drawings were simple enough to trace, yet had some depth along with appealing subjects. ~Cindy


4-H Photography

My artist son took a 4-H photography class when he was 8 or 9 years old and particularly took to creating the storyboards using camera tricks. I don’t know which booklets were used at the time, but I’m sure it depends on the experience of the person teaching the group as well. ~Cindy



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