Understanding the Right-Brained Child (March, 2006)

Current (2011) family picture

Creative outlets list

Builder son drawing…three dimensionality

Builder son maze during younger years


Builder son maze…older age


Builder son math…younger years.


Builder son math … older age

Builder son own creation

Builder son own LEGO contraption

Builder son Grandma visit

Builder son creating a computer program game

Artist son’s orc drawings (teen years)

Artist son Pokémon comic book (about ages 8 to 11)

Artist son script (age 11)

“The Animal School” story as taken from Linda Dobson’s book, “The Art of Education.”

Builder son using our camcorder; my young children at computer

Artist son researching in his bed; same son with “there’s a method to his madness” room.

Builder son’s “How to Draw a Train Book” similar to his “My Math Trick Book.”

Builder son’s visual calendar when young.

Builder son pyramid schematic.

Builder son name art.

Artist son notebook title.

Artist son card game…history researched.

Builder son addition pattern for multiplying.

Artist son learning countries through interest in animals.

Animal Atlas

Artist son’s visual rating system to add creativity to boring task.

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