Intro/Beginner Posts

Being right-brained dominant or left-brained dominant is a way to view a person’s holistic learning style. As you understand more about it, you will even discover how much it impacts your relationships, career choice, and perspective.  The Social-Emotional posts will provide you with information related to understanding and supporting these highly emotive-based people in developing and balancing their social-emotional intelligence, the General RB posts will continue to fill in all the details of everything in between, and these Intro-Beginner posts will provide you with the foundational framework of what makes a person right-brained dominant:

An Introduction to the Creative Right-Brained Learner

The Natural Learning Development for Right-Brained Children

Your Child Might Be Right-Brained If…

Am I Right-Brained Dominant?

What’s in a Name? (A post addressing the “scientific debunking of the right-brained label.”)

The Universal Gifts (The two traits that every right-brained person has (and the two traits that every left-brained person has) as well as a section of which also discusses the “scientific debunking of the right-brained label.”)

The Creative Outlets (Every right-brained person will be talented and/or interested in one or more of these creative gifts, often pursuing a career involving it.)

Evidence of the Universal Gift of Pictorial Thinking (Every right-brained person thinks in pictures.)

Learning Disabled or Learns Differently? (A visual/audio presentation given at the on-line virtual Homeschool Conference on August 23-24, 2013.)