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An Introduction to the Creative Right-Brained Learner

“She’s smart, but lazy.” “He’s living below his potential.” These are some of the comments a parent of a right-brained learner may hear about their child in regard to their learning process. This creative learner is often later in developing … Continue reading


Why is My Child a Resistant Learner?

“I have a resistant learner.”¬† I hear this type of description¬†often from new members regarding their children on my Homeschooling Creatively group, a yahoo list created in 2006 to support homeschooling parents of right-brained, creative learners. ¬†(I now have a … Continue reading


Early Math Play Skills

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This is the first of a three-part series about the natural early math learning process for my builder son. Part Two shares his Early Math Activities and Part Three shares his formal learning called Is Formal Math Necessary? My builder … Continue reading


How Writing Starts with Oral Storytelling

Even with all our current technology creating controversy over how plugged-in this generation of children is, oral story-telling in its purest developmental form is still flourishing. Children want to tell their stories. They seek out anyone willing to listen. Creative, … Continue reading


The Universal Gifts

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As I researched learning styles, I discovered there were two distinct categories based on brain processing preferences historically referred to as being right-brained (creative) or left-brained (logical). After sharing my knowledge, I was often asked how a person could tell … Continue reading