Excerpt: Introduction

The full excerpt from the Introduction of my book, The Right Side of Normal.

A partial excerpt highlighting the right-brained traits:

Because most of us were schooled in a left-brained manner, we learned to value left-brained traits, too. If we have right-brained children, though, we’ll soon notice they do things differently. For instance:

•           Do you hear your child say “this is stupid,” or constantly question why they are asked to do something?

•           Do math facts not come easily to your child, or is your child a “late reader?”

•           Does your child provide answers on his homework, but can’t explain how he got them, or does your child have trouble “showing his work?”

•           Does your child occupy himself with something like building with LEGO®, drawing, or playing while you read aloud to him?

•           Does your child watch TV or listen to music while doing his homework, or does your child doodle on his homework?

•           Does your child have trouble completing tasks or keeping track of homework, or do people say your child daydreams instead of concentrating?

•           Does your child struggle with spelling, have difficulty putting together a legible sentence, resist handwriting or have difficulty with it?

Or, alternatively:

•           Does your child spend hours doing one of the following:  computers/video games, building/electronics, art/photography, music/dance, fashion/sewing, puzzles/mazes, cooking/gardening, or theater/showmanship?

•           Does your child craft, draw, or build something in intricate detail?

•           Does your child go on and on telling stories, or does your child enjoy dressing up in interesting costumes or creating complicated play scenarios?

•           Does your child ask profound questions or know interesting facts that leave you wondering where he learned them?

•           Does your child show compassion for the cares of the world and want to make a difference, or does your child act as an emotional gauge in the home?

•           Did your child have an interest in ancient history, mythology, other cultures, the sciences, or nature and animals at a young age?

•           Does your child remember directions to places she’s only been to once, or have a keen visual memory for stories or movies he heard or saw only once?

•           Does your child have a knack for current technology?

If you recognize your child possesses many of these attributes, you may have a right-brained learner. These are intelligent, creative, and inquisitive children who often seem to flounder in school. The reality is creative children love to learn, but hate to be taught. They resist or perform poorly because we are not teaching in the way they learn. We use left-brained teaching methods on a right-brained child. The good news and hope within this book is that there exists a valid and strengths-based educational approach best suited for right-brained learners and, with it, they flourish and thrive.

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  1. Cindy,
    Can’t wait for you to finish!! Going to be GREAT.

  2. Please let me know whent the book is ready!

  3. Lynn Salmon-Easter

    Please notify me when your book is finished!
    I was one of these kiddos and I was schooled in a left-brained environment. It has taken me great efforts to gain confidence in my natural learning style as an adult.

  4. Joette Westerburg

    Please let me know! joettew@comporium.net

  5. I can’t wait for your book to be finished! We’ve been following your Yahoo groups for years and you’ve given us confidence in our right-brained son’s method of learning. We’ve recommended you to many, many people with similar kids.

  6. Hi Cindy, I live in the UK and a member of your Yahoo group, the group has made life for me and my son so much easier, would love to buy a copy of your book when it is finished, will you be shipping to the UK? thanks Jackie x

  7. Always looking for information and ideas about right brain learners. Mine is 10 years old. Please let me know when your book will be available.

  8. Hi! I’d love to get a copy of your book when it’s out – it sounds SO familiar! Thanks! 🙂

  9. Please notify me about the book.

  10. I have an 8 year old who is struggeling with learning and school. I would love to read your book and get some help. They think he has ADD.

  11. Please notify me when your book is available.

  12. Please notify me when your book is ready. I have subscribed to this blog

  13. I am interested in your book!

  14. I am interested in reading your book. Thank you.

  15. I would love to get a copy of your book when it’s available! Thanks!!

  16. I have so many questions that may be answered by your book! I hope they might be. Our son is diagnosed with autism. Your information sounds possible for our son but I’m under the impression that he is a Kinestic(?) learner. Would that be the same as a right brain learner? Also, would you consider dinosaurs in your category of interest in animals?

    • Edwina,

      Those with autism, especially high functioning autism, are often right-brained learners. And yes, the two most common input modalities for right-brained learners are visual and kinesthetic. When I mention science as an early subject favorite for right-brained learners, I should put dinosaurs in parenthesis 🙂 In other words, they like science (especially dinosaurs for boys). For mythology, unicorns and dragons are popular as well as all the Greek creatures and gods. I hope to have the book available for everyone soon!

  17. How exciting to see your book is on its way. I would love to know when it is available.

  18. I can’t wait to check out this book when it’s done!

  19. I definitly have a right brain child, years of obsession with unicorn- pegasus’ and hours of drawing, catching animals and give that girl a couple sticks for the yard she ll built something.
    Any ideas of when the book will come out???? Looking forward to it:)

    • Yep, sounds like a right-brained, imaginative child, Claudia! I hope the book will be released in July, 2012. I’ll keep everyone posted, though 🙂

  20. Would LOVE to know when the book is ready. I know I’m ready to read it! So much has been explained about what’s been going on with my husband, my kids, and me! I am whole-brain tending more toward the left if only because that’s what I’ve seen to be most accepted in the world. But I love being able now to express my right side freely. My husband is definite rb and actually dropped out of school (as did his brother.) We homeschool and the three oldest of our five definitely are left-leaning! This info is life-saving and incredible.

  21. Looking forward to reading your book!

  22. Katrina Moore

    Really can’t wait to read your book. I’m definitely a left-brained wife and mom with a dh and 3 ds that I believe are right-brained! Oh my!

  23. When will the book be ready? I need it ASAP. Mary

  24. Lee-ling Chew

    Just confirmed last week that my 9yo dd is right-brained! We have been homeschooling since the beginning and just this week I realized that I (a lb) have to start learning how to go about this homeschooling thing ALL OVER AGAIN! Please inform me when the book is out.

  25. Lauralee DeLuca

    I am extremely excited your book is done. Your words of encouragement and the advice your have so generously shared with so many have changed my view of the world and the way i can now (confidently) raise my children. I can allow then to be who they are and revel in their uniqueness.I have also been able to heal the damaged RB child i was so i can be a better mom for them.

    I can’t wait to get my copy and more to share as i did your CDs to open more minds about the wonders of the RB world. Thank you so much. Lauralee

  26. I would love to be notified when your book is available!

  27. Please let me know when your book is available.

  28. Can’t wait for the book!

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