My e-book is only $11.95 for over 500 pages of great right-brained information.

Give a free e-book copy to your best friend, your sister, your child’s teacher, or anyone you feel will benefit when you choose my Buy One/Get One Free deal at $14.95. That’s less than $8 a copy

This same free E-Book copy is good with the purchase of my print book through Booklocker for the same purpose of giving families support by giving you permission to give the free copy to anyone you feel will benefit. (You will have to order that separate by leaving your name, Booklocker order number, and e-mail in the comments section below.)

There are different versions of the pdf file based on how you intend to read the book. The reader version should be larger print, but these don’t pick up the hotlinks. So, if reading from a computer or laptop, the hotlinked version should work. I’ve hotlinked the chapters in the Table of Contents, the endnotes to each other, any chapter references within the body of each chapter, and any outside links in the endnotes. But if You don’t want the hotlinked version for your computer, you can select plain.

When filling out the e-mail address for your pdf copy, it is for YOUR copy. You may send the free copy yourself to your selected recipient with your own message and personal touch. If you prefer me to send it, leave a message and e-mail address in the comments section of the purchase order.

Please use the Paypal link in the right sidebar to purchase.

Thank you! I’m so excited about what positive changes YOU can help happen for the educational path for right-brained children. Please share your stories!

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