Unschooling is a style of homeschooling that has many definitions by various people, but overall is about encouraging a child to pursue learning through their interests, gifts, and natural rabbit trails that are sparked through living life. John Holt was the originator of the word. For me personally, it’s about understanding and giving value to the natural learning development of children as well. This often means that it doesn’t look anything like the school’s scope and sequence or timing for learning subjects. This tab shares:

My Unschooling Philosophy. As I followed the lead of my seven right-brained children, they revealed to me how a child’s natural learning path matches beautifully with scientific research on brain development (and other body processes). I try to share that information here, my philosophies, and how unschooling was implemented in my home with my children.

Unschooling In Action. I will share snapshots of my children’s unschooling lives.

General Unschooling Posts. These are posts that show how unschooling works in a general way, based on common topics of interest in the field or perspectives that seem worth noting. As with any style of education, these are from my viewpoint that can lend itself to all the other ones out there to paint a varied canvas.